«Espacio Centro de la Tierra» has born from love and effort, from the enthusiasm to generate a space where they can converge a number of activities aimed at the same common cause, the well-being of people. Their Mission is to create a space of work and personal development, and professional, built on the basis of honesty, humility, respect and gratitude. Promoting activities and actions aimed at generating a better quality of life in people and an encounter with the true Being. Their Vision is to be a center of reference in the development and expansion of the conscience of the individual and his community, through services focused on the holistic wellness. Contribute to the positive transformation of the body, mind and spirit, with unchangeable values ​​like love and honesty. Respect for one’s own life and another’s, goodness and discipline. Codes of conduct that help in the behavior towards ourselves and toward other beings.

We worked together with the «espacio centro de la tierra» doing their website. They are based in Barcelona, Spain. All the work was made remotely by Skype.
We find the way to show on their website their vision, the place is beautifull, a health and wellness spot to learn new things about the world and mostly about yourself.
We took care about what they need to show the way they work, how to organize their image and how to show what they want to offer.

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