Hotel Central Station Tulum has an amazing location heart and personality. A great hotel, perfectly located , with great prices, large and comfortable rooms , a place to get a good rest between your adventures , an amazing and convenient hotel close to all the transportation services you may need. They are constantly improving working on every detail and the result is something they are proud to share.
Their kind and helpful staff is Always there to make your stay as pleasant as possible.

With Hotel Central Station Tulum, came to us, we found a new owner with a fantastic vision and stablishment who needed some collaborators. With our support, The Hotel Central Station Tulum developed a consistent way to recieve visitors. We helped them with:

Branding: we defined a logo, colors and their identity together.

Social Media: we took care about made them alive on the internet, we manage their instagram, facebook, trip advisor and google my business.

Website: We built their website where their host can check out the facilities, know a little bit about the hotel and booking online without giving away any comission.

Visual: We designed sings on the street so their visitors can find easier the hotel, also to up sells from people off the street without booking.

Image: We did some designs that we painted on their walls and some printed designs to make everythign looks awesome.

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